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sunday supper church, wider tables + feeding people

hi. long time, no chat. i can't believe how busy it's been–creating a church, writing curriculum, building a new business, and most importantly--snuggling my pup Maddox.

speaking of all of this: a few updates!

for the last year and a half, we've been creating a new expression of church--Sunday Supper Church. many of us were tired of gathering for church in dark auditoriums listening to (only) white men speak on faith and following Jesus. we imagined a church were everyone led and participated, gathered around beautiful tables of food, and loved our neighbors by (among other things) being active in politics.

since september 2017, we've been gathering twice a month on sunday evenings. we’ve created a food share program in which we make food monthly for non-profits doing important work in chicago, and we’ve actively engaged in politics by registering voters, discussing relevant social issues, and taking steps toward making food fair for all.

all of this has been incredible. truly the most lovely thing i've done with my life thus far.

in the meantime, i’ve continued with my lemon lime kids curriculum writing + church consulting in order to provide my part of the income needed for our family. i’m so grateful for all of the projects the last year has brought.

but, the deeper i get into gathering people around sacred tables of food, the hungrier i am (see what i did there?) to spend more of my time doing this. i imagine beautiful dinner parties for those experiencing homelessness, lectures centered on food scarcity and making food fair for all, and inspiring people with practical tools for gathering, engaging, and making good food around any table they find themselves at. i dream of spending full days creating sacred + wide tables.

so. that's what i'm going to do. for the last few months, i've been transitioning away from the children's curriculum i've done for more than 20 years (!), and i've begun building a new business that will include all sorts of initiatives for helping people create wider tables.

first up: a podcast. mid-november, i'll be launching a podcast called Feeding People, in which i'll sit down for a meal with guests who are feeding people in all sorts of creative ways--chefs, pastors, bakers and soup kitchen volunteers—for a conversation about the magic of the table, and how we all can feed people.

next up: an event. spring 2019, i'll be hosting an event in chicago for people looking to pastor in new ways, including: gathering around tables, engaging in politics, and creating inclusive communities. i think about this EVERY SINGLE DAY. mainly because i wish i’d had an event like this to attend 10 years ago.

finally: i will continue taking on new curriculum clients as i have capacity. BUT, i'm only accepting clients who are interested in creating lessons that inspire kids' faith in ways that value diversity, inclusion, and a God who calls women to lead + create churches.

if you're interested in any of these things—and the journey of making a church and a new business—follow along on instagram or send an email to if you see ways we might work together.

more love, wider tables.

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