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about my angel, Marta

almost a year ago, we hired a cleaning lady, who every other week cleans our tiny city apartment. on thursday mornings, we leave the house early so that Marta and her crew can do their magic. 

for awhile, i felt embarrassed that we needed Marta. our apartment is seriously so tiny, we don't have kids, and our work schedules, while busy, are still flexible enough to allow adequate time for cleaning. i felt like a failure not being able to keep the place clean, and silly, every other thursday morning as a i left Marta her check when there were SO MANY other demands for our money. 

but THEN, at christmas i wrote Marta a card telling her how much she meant to us, how she had been God's gift to us this year, and i sort-of cried as i wrote the card thinking about how special this year had been -- every time we came home from work feeling so loved and cared for as we walked into the sparkling clean apartment.

and, at christmas, Marta left me a card, too. it simply said -- I love you, Amy.

she's my angel.

Marta's love and care reminds me of this simple truth: NONE of us can do this thing called life alone. regardless of our current situations: mansion or studio apartment, raising 5 kids or zero kids, working 3 full-time jobs or staying home during the day. NONE of us have it all together, life perfectly balanced. on the good days, for me, life and work and friendships somewhat come together because i did my best + others took care of the rest.

Marta reminds me every other thursday: i love you, Amy. you're not alone. 

i need my husband, friends, family, co-workers, therapist and Marta to tell me, care for me, cover me. let's not shame each other for needing care, instead encouraging + celebrating one another as we're mindful of the care needed and the openess we demonstrate in allowing others to provide. 

much love, friends. be good to yourself. 

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