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my new adventure

for the past 2 years, I've been working as the executive director of children's ministry for the willow creek association. i've had an absolute blast working on the conspire conference and developing new resources for children's ministry leaders. and the team i've been privileged to work with has been phenomenal! there's nothing like working with a team where passions are aligned and everyone is working in their strengths area.

but now i'm on to new adventures! i'm fully convinced that we need to re-think the ways in which we are modeling and teaching faith to our children. something is not right. children are not choosing faith for a lifetime. i think we desperately need to re-think our curriculum to children on sunday morning, both written and unwritten - and re-focus our leadership efforts as children's leaders. we are doing so many good things on sunday mornings, but the research still continues to show - our kids need something different. i'm currently on a mission to spark new conversation so that together we can offer a fresh faith experience to our children. and i'll be doing this full time with my company lemon lime kids.

won't you join me in this conversation? we need your voice.

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Since returning from Conspire, my thoughts and prayers have been totally focused on this same topic. What can I do at my church, with my volunteers, for my kids - to ensure that they have hidden God's Word in their hearts; that they've developed the critical thinking skills they need; that they understand and celebrate who they have been created to be - so that they will follow Jesus now and in the world they'll create as their generation becomes the leaders of families, industry, government and culture? How can we encourage compassion and love for others that's evidenced in action and comes as an outgrowth of their love for Jesus?

I'm not sure of the answers, but what I keep coming back to is that, at my church at least, we need to really do what we say we're doing - Christ-centered, Bible-based ministry that is child-targeted, parent-supportive, safe, relational, application-oriented, and - sorry Phil - fun. We can't be afraid to set aside curriculum, help kids figure out the truth for themselves and hold parents accountable. We can't be afraid to show our passion for Jesus - and there's no time for just going through the motions.

April 15, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterLou Ann

Lou Ann, this is why I love you with my whole heart!
God has called you to be the expert in your church, the expert in encouraging faith for a lifetime for the children in your church. And you follow God's lead, and work passionately to make sure that happens.

I continue to read more and more research that says the #1 reason that teens are walking away from their faith is hypocrisy in the church. They don't see faith modeled in the lives of their church leaders and parents, and therefore choose not to stay connected to the church. I love that you are not afraid to set aside the curriculum and model authentic faith to them.

Way to Go!

April 15, 2009 | Unregistered Commenteramyedolan

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